MobileDigital™ have focussed exclusively on direct to mobile engagement since 2012. The Founders of the company have always believed in the inevitability of the mobile device becoming the best channel of communication between organisations and consumers.

We have been working exclusively with our client’s mobile customers for more than 7 years, always believing the best approach is to make doing things on mobile simple, fast and secure and that with less friction there is better traction and conversion.

SECUREMobile™ has been developed in response to what we have observed firsthand with Australian customers and what we have seen in the UK and USA markets. In Australia we have observed close to 20 million visual and text messages sent by our clients presenting a number of phenomenon’s.

  • The power of 2 Way Communication, increases in clients responding to promotions by text message, placing orders, asking for information, or asking the supplier to hold stock
  • Less or Zero opt outs demonstrating their client base prefer text engagement above email
  • Up to 40% sales conversions from personalised visual promotions to VIP clients, and 5% to 20% for visual and text promotions to inactive clients and new prospective clients. With examples in the US of businesses receiving 90% of their orders through mobile this demonstrates that there is group of consumers interested in doing things quickly, using their phone for convenience

We proposed that if we made purchasing easy on the mobile, conversion on the mobile device would increase. Too many screens, usernames, email addresses, passwords and logon processes were holding back mobile users purchasing.

App like ease of use and one click checkout

SECUREMobile™ has been designed from the ground up as part of a mobile centric promotional, engagement and sales offering platform for retailers. SECUREMobile lets retailers offer a simple, fast and secure on-mobile buying experience without having to invest in the cost of building, marketing and maintaining a mobile App across Apple and Android ecosystems.

The rise of accelerated checkouts

Clever retailers and suppliers have recognised that online purchasers prefer easier to use accelerated checkouts. Advances by Shopify with ShopPay, and Stripe’s investments in a company called Fast, point to market recognition that consumers are seeking simpler and faster ways to purchase online.

Our unique offering is that SECUREMobile™ is aimed at serving the mobile client and has the opportunity to throw open a new channel of purchasing convenience not constrained by a 35 year old eCommerce security processes.


Consumers prefer to purchase on their phone.

The stats on mobile purchasing vs desktop and purchasing on mobile APPs indicate very strongly that consumers prefer to purchase on mobile – when it is easy.

When a retailer has a mobile friendly APP, they can expect around 77% of purchases to occur on the mobile and only 33% on desktop.

Even though consumers spend almost double the amount of time on mobile than they do on desktop, without an APP, desktop purchases represent 65% of conversions and published sales conversion rates on mobile are less than 1.5%, with 4.2% choosing to convert on desktop (BigCommerce 2020).

Promote on Mobile, Convert on Mobile

There is no doubt that text (using SMS) and visual marketing (using MMS) delivers superior stakeholder engagement and sales results. Over the years our clients have produced outstanding case studies that illustrate client engagement levels, and sales conversion rates achieved with personalised, and targeted SMS and MMS sales campaigns.

But we knew we could do more

When we talked to our clients, a lot of the feedback included the frustration experienced when the offer was difficult to complete on their mobile.

We’ve all had the experience, we get emailed, SMS’s or MMS’s with a great offer, and think - yep I’m buying. Regrettably, and too often, by the time we have remembered our password, or gone through the password reset, finally logged on, and then had to complete checkout, delivery and payment screens, our enthusiasm for purchase has gone, frustration sets in and we do not complete the purchase.

The feedback we received from clients and their customers was, if you send me a promotion to my phone, and I like that promotion and want to buy it, then I should be able to just click a link on my phone and my purchase is instantly and securely completed and the goods should be on their way to me.

We observed an amazing shift in the last 18 months, when clients were sending out pictures of products they were seeking to sell, and people who received the promotion were texting back (and they had not been asked to) saying – 'reserve me 3', 'yes I’ll have two', 'I am on holidays but will place an order next week'.

One customer who sent almost 6,000 promotions received over 800 text messages from clients within 30 minutes!!

We saw this as a huge opportunity, we investigated trends in the UK and the USA where we saw companies like Dirty Lemon taking over 90% of their orders via text. There were others that indicated that consumers want to act quickly on their phones, and traditional ecommerce checkouts were not fast or easy enough for the mobile first consumer.

We knew then that there was room in the market for a non app, fast checkout for mobile – and that idea became the SECUREMobile™ Network.

On-Mobile v Online

SECUREMobile™ recognises the difference between going online on a desktop, laptop or iPad and being on-mobile.

Our mobile devices are devices we use to get stuff done , and it is annoying when we want to get something done on our phone and we can’t because the screens are not friendly and are not designed for mobile. We have all experienced this frustration. So, we created an alternative.

If you are a registered member of the SECUREMobile™ Network, you will be able to complete any purchase from a SECUREMobile™ Authorised Vendor, a SECUREMobile™ Promotion or from the SECUREMobile™ Marketplace in under 30 seconds.


How does SECUREMobile™ Work

SECUREMobile™ lets companies offer a simple, fast and secure way for their customers to purchase products on their mobile without having to invest in adapting their existing systems to mobile, or building an expensive mobile APP.

SECUREMobile™ is a complete re-design of the 35-year-old eCommerce logon process of email, remembering passwords and usernames. The platform recognises and works with the security measures included on your phone. It relies on the unique mobile number and recognises that the phone has been signed into using all or some unique-to-mobile security measures like face recognition, fingerprint, password or access code.

The first time a consumer is sent a promotion and seeks to purchase, the consumer is invited to join the SECUREMobile™ Network as a member, by checking the information and entering their delivery and payment details.

The software lets customers save their mobile, email address, credit card, and shipping and billing information so they can complete their transaction faster the next time they are sent a promotion by a SECUREMobile™ authorised vendor.

The Shipping and Billing information is securely stored on SECUREMobile’s secure encrypted servers and is only shared if an order is placed. If a customer wants to take up an offer sent to their mobile, they simply click the active plain language link in the SMS or MMS promotion. Every link is a unique secure identifier for each receiver and contains a in your mobile inbox.

Once the is clicked the purchaser has 3 minutes to confirm the purchase details, delivery and payment information and complete the transaction.

When you choose to go direct to SECUREMobile™.Net to make an on-mobile device purchase, you can save your customers time when they check out.

If your customers have questions about how SECUREMobile™ works, or how their data is stored, then you can send them to for complete peace of mind.