Welcome to your SECUREMobile™ Network Membership

Joining the SECUREMobile™ Network enables members to purchase easily, quickly and securely on their mobile device. Our trusted network of authorised vendors know that you want to take up offers and buy stuff on your phone without the complexity and frustration of endless forms to fill in, details to provide and remember.

We’ve all received a great offer in an email, through a message or online and been ready to buy with mobile in hand, only to lose that “passion to purchase” courtesy of checkout processes that suck all the fun and excitement out of the experience. It’s a common experience for consumers and businesses - buying and selling on mobiles has been just too hard…..until now!

E-commerce CHECKOUTS don’t suit mobile small screen AND DATA ENTRY LIMITATIONS.

Buyers typically need to complete an average of 23 separate fields in order to make a purchase on mobile. Our excitement to purchase falls off when our frustrations take over, with too many screens to fill in, usernames and passwords to remember, email verification processes and dreaded password and account resets. It all becomes too hard and explains why up to 80% of shopping carts are abandoned with customers walking away from great deals and offers.

SECUREMobile™ is THE ANSWER to mobile checkout frustration

Our experience sending over 20 million visual and text messages on behalf of our clients suggests that consumers who receive promotions on the mobile phone seek to take up that offer on their phone. They want it fast, frictionless, and personal and SECUREMobile™ cuts through the clutter of complex Ecommerce processes empowering members to “click2buy” and take up offers including checkout and transaction in under 15 seconds (*after first time setup).

Membership Benefits

As a valued SECUREMobile™ Member you will enjoy exclusive benefits like:

  • When you receive an offer from an authorised SECUREMobile Vendor, you will be able to make your decision and process the purchase in under 15 seconds
  • Exclusive access to a trusted network of authorised vendors offering their hottest deals to their most valued customers
  • Members can set preferences about the types of vendors and products they want to see and have access to
  • Gifts and rewards on your birthday and the anniversary of your membership
  • It’s free to join, and your membership is linked securely to you and your mobile number

Exclusive access to a trusted network of authorised vendors offering their hottest deals to their most valued customers

Membership Pass

SECUREMobile Membership Passes cost nothing and can be downloaded to your phones digital wallet by simply clicking “add to wallet”.

Membership passes identify your membership level and joining date as well as providing key information and links to the SECUREMobile Marketplace, customer service and support. Plus, MobileDigital can push messages about the latest deals and offers direct to the pass along with Birthday and Membership anniversary rewards.

Loyalty Rewards

You don’t have to do anything to get rewarded with SECUREMobile. Every purchase you make from an authorised SECUREMobile Vendor, as well as any purchases you make from the SECUREMobile marketplace are tracked against your unique membership and account. The more you checkout with SECUREMobile the higher your membership level, the better the rewards!

How does SECUREMobile™ work ?

SECUREMobile™ lets companies offer a simple, fast and secure way for their customers to purchase products on their mobile phone without having to invest in adapting their existing systems to mobile, or building an expensive mobile APP.

SECUREMobile™ is a complete re-design of the 35-year-old eCommerce logon process of email, remembering passwords and usernames. The platform recognises and works with the security measures embedded in your phone. It relies on the unique mobile number of the receiver and recognises that the phone has been signed into using all or some unique-to-mobile security measures like face recognition, fingerprint, password or access code.

The first time a consumer is sent a promotion and seeks to purchase, they are invited to join the SECUREMobile Network as a member and asked to complete some personal details (ie payment and delivery information) many of which are automatically populated from information already stored within the phone in apps like Google or Apple Pay.

The Shipping and Billing information is securely stored on SECUREMobile’s PCI compliant servers and is only shared if an order is placed. If a customer wants to take up an offer sent to their mobile, they simply click the active plain language link in the SMS or MMS promotion. Every link is a unique secure identifier for each individual and contains a Click2Buy.link in your mobile inbox.

SECUREMobile™ makes buying and selling on mobile faster, more personalised and a more enjoyable experience thanks to the power and convenience of the mobile phone.